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Antti Pyrhönen on AJ, Huskie and innovations


Turning the page on 2020

2020 was a tough year for everyone but especially for the IceONE team. After the first two GP’s all teams were shut down. When the season resumed the factory Husqvarna team was down a rider as Pauls Jonass suffered a tough shoulder injury while training in Latvia preparing for the rest of the season. When Arminas Jasikonis, riding better than ever before, suffered a life-threatening injury, it was time to call it a day, as Pyrhönen says in this episode. What is it like for a team to have to shut down during the season?

IceONE’s drive for innovation

Whether it is the tyres, rider aids or even the team truck, IceONE seems to strive to maximum performance on and off the track. How does the team keep on innovating and what does it have to do with the team’s heritage? Pyrhönen also tells us whether his team will use the airshock in 2021.

Talent over experience?

In recent years the works Husqvarna outfit has always been successful in signing talented riders, mostly from the Scandinavian and Baltic regions.  Is this a typical Husqvarna thing or does it have a different reason?

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